As a Mama of young children things often come to me through songs. Songs I know well and that have moved on my lips since before my girls were even born. Through song my girls have learned their letters, months of the year, days of the week and even how to add numbers. All worthy things to learn as a young child. Yet there is something even more precious, more valuable that they have learned through song. They have learned about God and his infinite love for us. They have learned how God spoke the world into being and brought forth light to shine against the darkness.


Songs also encourage us to let our light shine. To shine forth the light of Jesus who lives with in us. Letting Jesus shine through us can be tough some days. It can be hard to remember to stand back and not step in front of him. While songs help us to learn and serve as great reminders tangible objects can help us keep focus on what is important to us. This is why I love this beautiful new collection of jewelry and home decor from (in)courage. The new collection is know as the Everlasting Light Collection. It is made up of beautiful home decor and stunning jewelry.

There are many great messages behind this unique line of products. Though they all point us back to our Heavenly Father who created not only the infinite number of stars in the sky but each and every one of us.

So let your own unique light shine with gentle reminders of God’s greatness in your home or as you navigate through your day.

Check out a few of my favorite products from the Everlasting Light Collection.


This bracelet is by far my favorite piece and such a beautiful reminder to shine.

A trio of stars would be wonderful worn together or as a gift split between sisters, cousins, or close friends. Each a unique reminder to shine. (These are on my Christmas list to split between the girls and I.)


What a stunning print.

Take some time to check out the entire Everlasting Light Collection on (in)courage.


Disclosure: I was invited to join the Everlasting Light launch team with (in)courage. I will receive a Dayspring discount coupon plus free shipping for participating in getting the word out about this collection.


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